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Dallas, Texas 1 comment

I am 83 years old and really have no use for your services so please unsubscribe my membership immediately. The person that called me about your services was insistent that I could use your services and she just would not take no for an answer. I finally just gave up to keep her from continuing to try to convience me that I needed your services. I never go out to dinner alone, I don't attend the movies alone, and at my age I have everything I need and do not forsee buying anything for the kitchen, a new TV or anything else for the house.For your convenience my e-mail address is and my home phone number is 214/34-3681 and my cell number is 214/770-1000.

Please unsubscribe me immediately.

Thank you,

Jeanne Nicholson

10710 Shady Downs Ct

Dallas, TX 75238

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #710636

Wherever you think this has gone, it hasn't. You really should take down your personal information, ma'am.

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